You know the old saying: “Families who train together, make gains together.”

OK, maybe that’s not an old saying, but it’s certainly a relevant one. Just think about it for a second — what better way could there be to motivate yourself and your loved ones than by exercising and training together?

Making a plan and pushing your entire family to reach their goals can reap many rewards, from becoming closer and more tight-knit, to cultivating a healthy lifestyle that ensures each and every person in the family is taking care of themselves.

It’s a ripple effect that works much like group training — only the group you are training with is right there in your own home!

Keep reading to get some exercise tips which are suitable for the whole family and visit Fit Family Fitness for top-notch fitness training in Midland. Or if you’re in Odessa, feel free to check out our other great gym, Around the Clock Fitness.

Hit The Gym

One great family exercise activity could be as simple as hitting the gym as a group. While you all may wish to spread out and do your own thing once you get there, the important thing is that you are all going together.

Having the whole family head to the gym together can be a huge motivating factor — maybe your spouse isn’t feeling a workout today, but seeing one of your kids get excited to make those gains is the extra boost they needed. Or, maybe it’s your kids who are motivating one another through a spirited competition to see who can lift the most.

Whatever it may be, going to the gym as a family can be a great way to promote fitness and become a happier, healthier group.

Find some time that works for everyone, be it after school/work or even as a Saturday tradition. And while you’re attending Fit Family Fitness, see about our Fit Kids Klub and Kids Zone that is designed specifically for the youth.

Group Fitness Classes

Is your family more interested in that group-style motivation? Then group fitness classes at our Midland gym might be perfect for the whole gang.

Get coaching from an expert personal fitness trainer in a group setting, and push each other throughout the class to finish and complete each exercise to the best of your ability. We have more than 35 classes available each week so that you and your family can find a time that works for everyone!

Family Hikes

If going to the gym just isn’t your family’s speed, or if you’re looking to break up the routine and need a different group exercise activity, then going for a hike can be a great option.

Find the best local trails, or simply do a couple of laps around the block. Whatever it takes to get everyone’s heart rate pumping on an otherwise lazy Sunday. Family hikes, jogs, and walks can also be great bonding activities and a great time to communicate with one another.

So what do you think? Is your family ready to make some gains together? We thought so. Visit Fit Family Fitness in Midland, a Top Rated Local® fitness training facility, to find your family’s reason!