1. Delightful Training

    Nicole Van Meter – Personal Trainer It was time for me to change my long-standing sedentary habits. A friend and healthcare professional suggested Fit Family Fitness and I am so glad I became a member. I am 65 years young and my goal is to be active and vital for many years to come. It was scary for me to start a physical fitness program, but I am committed to making positive changes to increase…Read More

    Carmen Edwards
  2. Incredible Results

    Gary Plumlee – Personal Trainer I’ve been working with Gary for a couple of months and the transformation has been pretty incredible. He is able to vary my workout so that it is not stagnant or routine while at the same time allowing the workout to push me further. Just a few months in and my strength, endurance, and energy level has increased dramatically.…Read More

    Justin Disney
  3. I’m Healthier & Happier

    Gary Plumlee – Personal Trainer I have been a client of Gary’s for a couple of months now and I have found him to be a dedicated personal trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline – and he is a lot of fun too! He has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. With his experience in physical fi…Read More

    Ava Tabb
  4. Extremely Knowledgeable

    JUSTIN SOWARDS – Personal Trainer Justin is extremely knowledgeable in all forms of physical fitness and healthy living. He takes the time to customize a fitness and meal plan for each of his individual clients. Training with Justin is fun and educational, he is eager to share all of his knowledge. He is patient and encouraging and shares in the joy of meeting personal goals. Justin’s passion …Read More

    Reesa Moore
  5. Highly Recommended

    JUSTIN SOWARDS – Personal Trainer I have been working out for many years and have learned more in 4 weeks with Justin than I had training on my own. I have learned so much about form and time under tension, which are the keys to development as well as his knowledge of the nutritional side which is just as important in meeting individual fitness goals. I have already felt my strength and stamina …Read More

    Jesse Lopez
  6. Exceeded My Goals

    JUSTIN SOWARDS – Personal Trainer Justin is genuinely concerned about how and what you are feeling so he is able to adapt the workouts accordingly. His education and experience allows us to make obtainable goals so I want to work out and set new goals. Justin’s best attribute is his ability and willingness to explain things in a way that I can understand; this allows me to meet my goals quickl…Read More

    Tammy Sparrow
  7. Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

    JUSTIN SOWARDS – Personal Trainer I first met Justin Sowards on January 30, 2016. Our first meeting was a training consultation organized by my wife; she is too nice to say it, but she was probably tired of her overweight, inactive husband. After living an active lifestyle into my early 30's, I had been mostly sedentary for a few years. Combined with my love of fast food and Coca-Cola, my body l…Read More

    Chris Thompson